Nature's Reserve™ Grass Fed Beef

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"Healthy Food for Today's Lifestyle"

Healthy eating is on everyone's mind, you can take advantage of this increasing consumer interest with Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef.

Nature’s Reserve Grass-fed beef has emerged as the perfect choice for consumers looking for a healthy, environmentally friendly source of meat.

“Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef is good for the animals, good for the land, and good for you too”.

Nature's Reserve™ Beef... "Beef The Way It Used To Be!"

  • Free Range, Grass Fed
  • Raised without Added Hormones on Sustainable Australian Family Farms
  • Environmentally Friendly and Humanely Raised
  • All Natural, USDA Inspected
  • Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed cattle adhere to strict production and processing protocols
  • Aged for optimum tenderness
  • Mild Flavor Profile
  • Valuable source of protein
  • Healthy alternative, Up to 50% lower in fat than grain and corn fed feedlot beef
  • Grass Fed Beef has significantly higher levels of Omega -3 essential fatty acids
  • Higher levels of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants

What is Nature's Reserve™ Beef?

  • Nature's Reserve Beef is a product of its’ environment. Queensland, Australia's vast pastures, clean rainfall, abundant sunshine and free range conditions produce the world's finest all-natural free range beef
  • Nature's Reserve, predominantly Angus and Hereford, is selected for its superior meat quality and high yields. The cattle graze freely, feeding only on alfalfa and rye. These high protein grasses are converted to soft textured muscle rather than fat. Nature's Reserve Beef is processed under HACCP, AUSMEAT, and AQIS guidelines that are regularly audited and approved by USDA and again inspected by USDA upon arrival in the US
  • Our Nature's Reserve Beef is hormone free. Nature's Reserve Beef contains no artificial ingredients or additives, is a healthy alternative to domestic beef; has reduced calories, fat and cholesterol content and is a valuable source of protein, minerals and essential B group vitamins
  • Nature's Reserve farmers and packers follow simple but thoughtful practices in raising cattle humanely (stress-free) from the farm to the table
  • Nature’s Reserve Beef is not irradiated and we do not use cloned animals
  • Since Nature's Reserve Beef is leaner than American Beef, it will cook quicker. If at all possible use a meat thermometer and serve at medium rare

Nature’s Reserve™ Grass Fed Cattle Farming

  • Australia has a rich history in beef production
  • Cattle graze on the native herbage of clover and rye which grows naturally. Due to the natural balance of this ecosystem, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are administered
  • On-farm food safety and quality assurance programs
  • Innovative ranching techniques
  • Forefront of genetics and animal husbandry
  • Australian Cattle have sufficient water, food, and air to sustain health and vitality
  • Social contact with other animals
  • Protection from predation, disease, the adverse effect of climate extremes or unseasonal changes in weather conditions
  • Protection from unnecessary, or unreasonable pain, suffering and injury

Four Primary Benefits of Nature’s Reserve™ Grass Fed Beef

Health Benefits

Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef is much leaner than conventional beef, so it has less fat and fewer calories. It has substantially higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are also found abundantly in fish such as salmon, and relatively lower levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 has been shown to have a range of heart-healthy benefits, including reducing blood pressure, alleviating heart disease, helping brain function, and providing other benefits. Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef is also much higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which like omega-3, has a variety of heart-healthy benefits, including lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and reducing cancer risk. Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef is also much higher in beta-carotene. Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef provides consumers with substantial health benefits compared to conventional meats. We are committed to environmentally sustainable ranching practices.

Rich Flavor

Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef is richer and has more flavor… Cattle feed on clover, rye and natural grains Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef’s flavor is more robust, it has been described as the “original” taste of beef, sweeter or nuttier than feedlot animals.

Humane Husbandry

Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed cattle are free to roam their pasture or range, and therefore lead a much lower stress life compared to animals that are crammed onto a feedlot. Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef eat the natural grasses they evolved to be able to eat, unlike feedlot animals that are typically fed grains that they can't properly digest.

Environmental Sustainability

The negative environmental effects of raising animals for meat production have been widely reported. However, some of those effects are reduced or eliminated outright in Nature’s Reserve Grass Fed Beef type of operation. Specifically, the animals are NOT trucked long distances to a feed lot, where the animals are unnaturally crowded onto small lots. The Nature’s Reserve Farms care for sustainable, and humanely raised grass-fed beef. Our beef comes from animals that are free-range and 100% grass-fed. We believe that our meat has a much lower environmental impact relative to conventional feed-lot produced meat. Furthermore, our animals enjoy a much better life than do conventionally raised animals.